About Us

About US

Top Photo was established in 1978, it has been recognized as a reputation of professionalism and reliance amongst the clients it serves and the photographer and oversea business partners it represents. We are respected sources of high quality images for advertisers, publishers, graphic designers, multimedia producers and more.

Top Photo Corporation, the leading stock agency in the Greater China, is entrusted with more than forty million images from talented local photographers carefully selected as well as from renewed foreign photo libraries all over the world. Besides our full range of images, we are also pleased to represent our collections of more than 100 RM and 100 RF collections which contain al listing of our massive archive.

Top Photo, runs the one stop shop images business since 1998. We operate creative images (Right Managed & Royalty Free), Editorial News Pictures, and Footage in order to expand the scope to satisfy your requirements and convenience. Through our expertise and experience, we could assist you with any help you may need. Also, you can surf images in our website, the high speed and user friendly interface which could offer you with the high quality service.

Top Photo RM Partners: AGE, Alamy, Aflo, Bridgeman,Hemis, Heritage, Imagebroker, Imagenavi, Masterfile, Mauritius, NaturalPictureLibrary, Photononstop, Sciencephoto, Superstock, Stockfood, Topic, etc

Top Photo RF Partners: Amana, Bluejeans, Blend, CAIA, Cultura, Datacraft, Designpics, Fotoserch, Hero, Imagesource, Photoalto, Photosearch, Radius, Robertharding, Stock4b, Tetra, Tongro, Wavebreakmedia, Westend61, etc.

Top Photo Editorial News Partners: AP, EPA, Firstview, Jijinews, Newscom, NY Times, Kyodonews, Photoshot, Rexfeatures, Reuters, SIPA, Splash, Yonhaps etc. With the fast growing China market, the last paradise of the images business, is vibrant and very receptive to any fresh, creative images. All ranges of mediums and levels of talent are always welcome. Great China and South Asia markets could be one of the best markets to start displaying your valuable work.

Top Photo is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan with three branch offices in Beijing, Shanghai , Guangzhou, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines & Thailand.